Information for Registering to receive Sacraments


Traditionally students receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in Gr 2 and Confirmation in Gr 6.  Over the past two years, some students may have missed this opportunity.  Any parent who wishes to have their child receive any of the sacraments must contact their parish during November to register.


JL Jordan Catholic school draws students from both Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church and Saint John Bosco Catholic Church. I encourage you to visit the website for your church in order to get information and complete be appropriate registration.  Parents must register in November for their child to receive the Sacraments.

If you are not currently affiliated with either of these churches but would like more information I encourage you to reach out to either parish.


Website information can be found at:

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church  - Sacraments - St Francis Xavier - Brockville (  this form is due  by December 1, 2022


Saint John Bosco Catholic Church - St. John Bosco Roman Catholic Church (   

  • First Communion Parent Meeting is Monday, December 5th, 6pm at the church
  • Confirmation Parent Meeting is Monday, December 12th, 6pm at the church



I would ask that you let your child’s teacher know that you have registered for the sacraments to help us ensure preparation information and parish communications are distributed.