Daily Confirmation of Self-Assessment

Welcome back!  We are so excited to have your child return to school for a year that we hope will be full of learning and growing in mind, body, and soul.  We would like to thank you for continuing to follow the public health and safety measures that have kept our CDSBEO schools safe for students and staff since the beginning of this pandemic.

To ensure a safe return to school, the Ministry of Education has implemented a mandatory verification of your child’s daily self-assessment for the first two weeks of school. 

 All Parents/Guardians are required to complete a daily self-assessment for their child(ren) and sign off daily on an online verification form before you send your child to school each day.  A separate online form must be completed for each child in your family. This will be a requirement from September 7th until September 17th.

Once you have completed the screening tool for each child and you receive a green “ Go to school” message, please fill out this form for each of your children before they arrive at school.

If your child arrives without the online form submitted on their behalf, you will receive a telephone call and you will be asked to verbally confirm that the self-assessment was completed and that your child is able to attend school based on the results.

 Obviously, the daily follow up that is required for this task will be monumental for our office staff and so we could ask you to be extremely diligent in making this task part of your morning routines to alleviate the need for us to make extra phone calls in the mornings. We will send out a regular email each morning with the appropriate link for the online form as a reminder as well.

Thank you for your continued support.