As a Catholic community, it is the mission of J. L. Jordan Catholic School to shape Catholic education within our school in keeping with Gospel values and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The vision for our students at J. L. Jordan is to think clearly, act wisely, feel deeply, and live responsibly. To this end, all members within the school community accept responsibility for the well-being of every other member.  It is our vision to embrace God’s love as we work together to achieve excellence in all that we do, to strive for academic excellence and the development of a strong, caring community.

Our Code of Conduct’s Standards of Behaviour are based upon the Gifts of the Holy Spirit which foster Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Courage, Knowledge, Reverence, Wonder and Awe, for all individuals.  Click on the link below to read the Code in full detail.

School Code of Conduct